An Easter Reminder

What's all the Fuss about anyways?

This Sunday we will have our "Easter" Celebration church service. It is a time where we remember the final process to the establishment of the New Testament, a new way of seeing God.

Jesus' Death was the First, his Burial was the Second, and his resurrection the Third. It is this same process we go through while we are alive, in order to symbolically and spiritually become a part of his kingdom.

Unfortunately, our society has convoluted the memory of this blessed "Holyday" into becoming a "Holiday". It has become a day where food is celebrated instead of celebrating a new life.

While the Easter Bunny represents fertility, and Eggs represent life, neither the Easter bunny nor the egg, represents the Death, Burial and the Resurrection Contract between God and man.

Let's try not to forget the real meaning of Easter, and I'm just reminding u to do this main thing.

Resurrect your Identity

Many have lost touch with who they are because of so much pain and sorrow. The world that we live in has managed to kill our knowledge of self and our idea of having a purpose. When this happens our intellect depreciates because our mind does not know unto what identity it needs to function. Death is a normal part of life, but as we see in nature, God did not design death to be the end, but he designed it to be the beginning, a blank slate, and an unlimited opportunity to recreate a new you, and a new future.

Death is only a problem if there is no regeneration. But while you're alive, you have hope of change. Let us not stay in the coffin of remorse and self-pity but instead rise up and become a new creature, transformed by the renewing of our minds. Happy Resurrection Day

God Bless you

Pastor C. Anderson