Apostle Joel Anderson

Dear friend, how delightful to have you here with us today! We warmly welcome you to our ministry, where our hearts are set on one thing: the boundless Love of God, and the Love we share for each other.

Our mission is clear, for without this Love, the true message of Christ cannot be effectively shared. We believe that giving of ourselves is paramount, and not just with financial resources, but with the precious gift of our time to those in need. It is through these acts of kindness that we showcase the Love of God in our daily lives.

As we journey together, we are passionate about renewing and transforming our minds, and we find strength through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and studying the Word of God.

Most importantly, we believe in growing and developing as a community of believers, enriching one another's lives and fostering a deeper appreciation for the Love of God.

We would be honored to have you join us for a visit anytime, and we hope that you will find a home here among us. May God's blessings be with you always.

Apostle Joel (Calvin) Anderson is a man who was called by God to shine his light, show direction, and be a beacon of hope to God's children at a time of darkness and despair. He is a visionary, a prophetic voice, and a specially called man with proof of the anointing of God's Spirit upon his life. As the founder and pastor of the Lighted Candle Telechurch, he has dedicated his life to spreading the word of God to all who seek it.

Apostle Joel is not just a pastor; he is a man of many talents who has a passion for knowledge and is ready to acquire it. He graduated from Herbert Morrison Tech High School, Montego Bay, Jamaica, with the class of 1992, and then proceeded to study Electronics and Computer Technology in the Radio Electronics Television School, Boston, MA, USA, and graduated in the year 2006. He was awarded the MA State Senate 1997 Student of the Year, a distinguished award given to College, University, and Technical school students alike, who persevered and completed their studies against all odds and difficult life circumstances.

His life experiences have taught him to listen to God, observe, and wait on him. Through his journey of transformation and self-improvement, he amassed a wealth of knowledge through reading books ranging from the Bible, philosophy, science, world religion, writing, psychology, law, and other areas.

Apostle Joel's journey to becoming a pastor began when a passenger instructed him to visit a small church on a hill. There, he found purpose, and God confirmed his calling through an older pastor who prophesied that God sent him there for a reason. After the founding pastor passed away, the Holy Spirit prompted Apostle Joel to make use of his hidden light of leadership, and he was voted in as the new leader of the church. He rebuilt the church by reorganizing and renaming it to align with the vision God had given him. Within a year, he had trained and ordained 10 ministers and 2 deacons to help with the rebuilding of the church.

Apostle Joel's mission is not just to pastor a church; he is called to reach out to all those who seek God's guidance and help them in their journey of faith. His Lighted Candle Telechurch is a place where people from all walks of life can come together to worship and seek God's word. He invites everyone to join him on this journey of faith, and together, they can spread the light of God's love to all corners of the world.