Apostle Joel Anderson

& Minister Deborah Anderson

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Our ministry is one that is focused on the Love of God, and the Love of each other, first and foremost. We believe without these two things in place, the doctrine of Christ cannot be preached correctly.

We believe in Giving, not just money, but our time to those who are in need. When we avail ourselves we exemplify the love of God in our lives.

We believe in the renewing and transformation of our minds with the help of the holy ghost and the study of the Word of God.

We believe in the growth and development of the body of believers for the purpose of a more wholesome community and abounding love of God.

Feel free to stop by and visit us anytime. Love you All.

God Bless You!

Apostle Joel (Calvin) Anderson is a visionary, a prophetic voice and a specially called out man with proof of the anointing of God's Spirit upon his life. He was called by God to shine his light, show direction and be a beacon of hope to God's children at a time of darkness and despair. He is currently the founder and pastor of the the Lighted Candle Telechurch, which was founded in 2018 after a series of events that led him to find his own light.

Apostle Joel, through the course of his life, is a man who loves knowledge and is ready to acquire it. He graduated from Herbert Morrison Tech High School, Montego Bay, Jamaica, with the class of 1992. Then proceeded to study Electronics and Computer Technology in the Radio Electronics Television School, Boston, MA, USA and graduated in the year 2006. He was prompted to take a course in Real Estates and became a Real Estate Agent after attending the Commonwealth school of Real Estate, Boston, MA.

During his young adult life, he became a commercial driving expert when he studied at the Advanced Trailer Training School in Brockton, MA, USA. He was awarded with the MA state Senate 1997 student of the year, a distinguished award given to College, University, and Technical school students alike, who against all odds and difficult life circumstances persevered and successfully completed their studies.

As a fair young man, he had taken a wife to himself and sought to build a a family but , the marriage failed and he was shattered. This traumatic event propelled apostle Joel to re-evaluate who he was and to face the undesirable qualities he saw within himself. This led him to do an intense journey of transformation and self-improvement.

It was during this time he locked himself into a world of books ranging from the Bible, philosophy, science, World Religion, writing, psychology, law and within that same year he had amassed and grew his own personal library.

With time, he learnt to listen to God, observe, and wait on him. While rebuilding, Apostle Joel Anderson did not bother to be a public person, he receded to the background and often sat down at the back of various churches, but because of the love of God and the call upon his life, Apostle Joel, was eventually drawn back to God and back into faith. He had never left the shadow of the spirit as a young man and never committed any criminal activity or social vices that could give him a public criminal record.

As a family man, he was determined on getting right the covenant of marriage and family proposed by God. This was when he prospected and through the leading of the spirit, found his wife Minister Deborah Anderson where they share 7 children and in 2021, celebrated a 10 year milestone in their marriage.

Initially he never understood the call of God upon his life, and just went about doing his own business. At that time, he was a strong vibrant energetic man and an excellent goal getter. He worked tirelessly as an Uber driver who looked out for whoever was his passenger, he was good driver who worked hard enough to the point of completing over 14,000 rides with an average of 4.9 star ratings and a diamond class rank in just five years.

One day a passenger of his instructed him to visit a small church on a hill as they drove by. He then asked the passenger if that was where the passenger attended, the passenger answered no, however Apostle Joel was curious to find out why someone would invite him to a church they themselves had never visited.

On arriving at the church on the hill, the church was quite small and the members of the community were no more than fifteen people. As he sat and observed, he noticed how intently they listened to the young preacher who spoke the word of God with intensity and power. Nothing happened the first or second time he attended, so he started to question his decision to follow the advice of the Uber passenger. Apostle Joel then prayed and asked God to show him a sign that this was where he wanted him to be.

He then revisited the church for a third time, and that was when God confirmed the purpose of bringing him there, when an older pastor who was preaching that day, the founder of Shiloh Apostolic Church had pulled him from among the people and prophesied saying, "God said to tell you, he sent you here for a reason".

Needless to say, the purpose was going to be clear with time, so he stayed at the church and decided to make use of gifts. He played the keyboard and sang in the music department as well as helped to remodel the church. After some time, the founding pastor died and the church was left in darkness, there was no one to tend to the fold and everyone was without direction. That was when the Holy Spirit prompted Apostle Joel Anderson to begin to make use of his hidden light of leadership and without any reservation, the church body accepted him and the congregation voted him in as their new leader.

After being voted in as a Pastor, knowing that he wasn't just meant to Pastor a church in the traditional way, he pressed and waited on God for the reason for his appointment and while waiting, he kept building the church by reorganizing the church, and renaming it to align with the vision God had given him.

Within a year, he had trained and ordained 10 ministers and 2 deacons in the church to help with the rebuilding of the church. The following year, Apostle Joel was instrumental in empowering and helping a new minister to start his new church in Snellville GA.

God would never leave his people alone, finally, after two years, the reason for his pastoral and apostolic ministry came. He was burdened with the vision of creating a church where people would not be limited by the drive to a building but where the sick and shut in will have access to be a part of the body of christ. He was given a vision to make God's assembly accessible from anywhere, at anytime, and everywhere around the world. That was how the Telechurch App was born, in an age before the corona virus pandemic came and shut down the church. God is a spirit, he knows everything and he has made everything we need available for our survival and success. During that time, the Lighted Candle Apostlic ministry, grew in faith, healing, and strength.

The Telechurch app is a fully integrated online church designed to replace the traditional way of going to church by allowing people to have access to the word, prayer, live counseling and everything else that's done in a traditional church but all through the app. It's the same thing Netflix did to blockbusters, Amazon did to retail, AirBnB did to Hotels, Uber did to Taxis and most recently in healthcare, Telehealth.

Because of his burden to be able to build the vision God has given him, Apostle Joel Anderson taught himself all the necessary software and technical skills such as; Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Google presentation, Web development, Graphic design, Javascript, Html, Peachtree, Quicken, Microsoft money, database creation, video editing, audio production, live streaming, Api, and honed his ability to type 80 WPM with data entry of over 4000 KPH, etc.

In January 2020, the Holy Spirit led him to connect as many pastors as he could with the telechurch system which could further improve the quality of their church services and expand the rate at which the congregations attend, 99% of them turned it down based on the belief that it violates a command in the Bible which states; "Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together".

It was only one Pastor who decided to give it a try and found out how much the Telechurch system helped to connect his church in faith. The Telechurch app was never built to make people "forsake" the congregation of believers, it was built to give everyone an opportunity to discover their gifts and a platform where they can shine their light.

When the pandemic came, many congregations were left desolate because of their fear of losing their lives to the virus, which did not seem to have an end in sight. The Church at that time was low in spirit however, the light of the Lighted Candle Apostolic Church never went off. Apostle Joel ministered to everyone in faith and received a revelation through the Holy Spirit about, who he is to become and the full purpose of his ministry. He was revealed as an Apostle and not just any kind of Apostle, an unconventional man, meant to be a beacon of hope and faith in God to his people.

The culmination of all the events that led to the point of revelation, recounting from his identity as a Christian and an Uber driver who found himself in a small church, became a leader in the church, became a pastor, the pandemic, the closed churches, the deaths, and the vision of the telechurch app only further confirmed the revelation that came to him, showing him the difference between a Pastor and an Apostle. And to God be the glory, Pastor Calvin (Joel) Anderson was converted and accepted as an Apostle.

Apostle Joel has a long term goal to not only bring back the true definition of what the "church" is but to also lobby Congress to change the laws to officially recognize any kind of assembly under God, online or otherwise in their rightful capacity, as a church.