Here's a collection of sermons that is sure to provoke your thoughts and give you some new perspectives. Click to listen the recorded live sermon. God bless you on your journey. Pastor C. Anderson

The goal of this sermon is to help individuals to activate the spirit of multiplication through faith. Our essential function of multiplication is realized when we come into acceptance of God and our divine purpose. Multiplication happens when the right environment is created to nurture our faith.

In order for us to Become free, we must be loosed, In order for us to Become loosed, we need a Key, In order for the key to work we must turn it..

Jesus created the greatest "turnkey" business.

Turn the Key.

Part 1/3

In our world today we have a food shortage epidemic. 1 in 7 people are hungry. But the irony of it is that 30% of food is wasted. How can this be? the amount of food wasted is greater than the amount of people hungry. I see a similarity in the kingdom of God. Although the blessing of God is plenteous, a lot of his children are still starving. What is causing this?

Part 2/3

Hunger is the first step towards starvation but its the awakening of the conscience that makes it become a blessing and not a curse. We need to bocome awakened to the presence of life

Part 3/3

As we grow, we go through two major changes in our spiritual diet. We first go through the milk phase, and then we have the meat phase. This morning I'm here to give you meat.

Nowadays, people are finding it more challenging to hold on to their faith. The internet has torn down the monopoly of religion and open up everyone to be under scrutiny. Anyone can now go online and find information that challenges their belief and can cause them to lose faith in God. It is not like how it was in the good old days where you can just tell someone to believe in God, because "You said so". You have to be able to "Prove" God.

Water to wine, is a reflection of your spiritual conversion. Your spiritual conversion goes through three main stages just like wine. Have you really been "Converted"?

What is a testimony and why is it so important?

The Bible teaches us about the power of our testimonies. The book of Revelation describes a war that broke out in heaven and gives the details as to how the devil was defeated.

“Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;..”

If we are not overcoming evil, it means we either have 1. No Testimony, 2. False Testimony or 3. an Ignorant Testimony. In either case, we would have become an unreliable witness.

This sermon explains how we as gentiles were grafted on to a solid ministry of Christ. Just like Plants that were grafted on to other plants to take advantage of the root system. So were we grafted on to the promise of Abraham in order for us to partake of the blessing of his seed.